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I love sharing my passion for creating picture books about nature with students and teachers!

My K-5 presentations are tailored to your occasion, curriculum, and audience. They always integrate science, language arts and visual arts, fully supporting Common Core standards and STEAM.  Programs offered include:

How I Create My Picture Books and Make Science Sparkle!

Using visual props and a PowerPoint program, I convey every step of my bookmaking process, including:

  • my exciting research with scientists at the Smithsonian and elsewhere;

  • the early mistakes I made in both my text and illustration drawings before experts corrected them, underscoring that we all make mistakes and the importance of thorough research;

  • fascinating facts about flora and fauna as I share from the many books I have created;

  • the countless manuscript drafts I write before settling on just the right words, using energetic verbs, vivid adjectives, alliteration and rhyme to enliven my text;

  • asking students to act as “picture detectives” to notice the changes I made from one illustration sketch to the next, and why they think I made them. This is a dynamic exercise that actively involves them in my creative process and enhances their visual literacy and cognitive skills; and

  • demonstrating to students that it takes patience, hard work and perseverance to create a book - or anything worthwhile in life – but that they can do it!

       I end my program with a lively Q & A session and ask children for their book ideas.

Spotting Spectacular Spots and Stripes in Nature

  • Students learn the many ways in which animals benefit from their spots and stripes as presented in my
    bilingual English/Spanish books, Spectacular Spots/Magnificas Manchas and Stripes of All Types/Rayas de todas las tallas.

  • I read my books in both English and Spanish.

  • I share my bookmaking steps as we explore the mammals, fishes, birds, insects, reptiles, mollusks and crustaceans featured in the books.

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Want to  learn what teachers and students say about my school visits? Click on this Testimonials tab.

Book Signing: I am happy to autograph books, which the school can preorder.  A book sale adds a wonderful dimension to my visit and reinforces what children have learned from my presentation. Click above for book ordering information and an order form that can be customized by your school.

Honorarium: $700 for one presentation, $850 for two and $1,000 for three in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. For visits outside the DC area, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me (301-654-0292) to discuss your needs.

Tech Requirements: an LCD projector and screen; a microphone (preferably a lapel type); a table for my props; and a room that can be darkened.

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