Some Sleep Standing Up

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"Susan Stockdale takes readers on a lighthearted exploration of the animal world's varied sleeping habits. From open-eyed fish in the sea to elephants and zebras standing on an African plain to the child and cat curled cozily in bed on the final page, this fun, informative, and gorgeous book will delight youngsters as it puts them in the mood for bed."


"An appealing introduction to animal behavior."  School Library Journal 

"Charming pictures in pure acrylic colors feature simple shapes often filled in with delightful design work that will appeal to young eyes."  Booklist

some sleep standing up elephants    some sleep standing up butterflies

some sleep standing up cheetah    some sleep standing up cows

some sleep standing up child    some sleep standing up cat

Some Sleep Standing Up
, published by Simon & Schuster, is out of print but available
as an eBook through a subscription with Great Dog Literary, p 97.