Stripes of All Types

cover stripes bothPeachtree Publishers, Ages 2-6, 2013
Hardcover: $15.95; ISBN 13: 978-156145-695-6;
ISBN 10: 1-56145-695-0

Bilingual (English/Spanish)
Paperback: $8.95;  ISBN 978-1-56145-793-9
Board book: $6.95; ISBN 978-1-56145-823-3

"Stripes found in water,
sliding through weeds.
Drinking from rivers,
and darting through weeds."

Bestseller with 90,000 copies sold!

Stripes of All Types explores how animals around the world benefit from their stripes. Each striped creature is described in action in its natural habitat. Engaging rhymes and bright, bold images keep readers entertained while a glossary at the back provides information on each featured animal. A fun matching game at the end tests children’s knowledge of animal stripes!  


stripes fishes    stripes ring tail lemurs

stripes purpledstriped jellyfish    stripes tiger


"A lovely, interactive exploration of stripes...a feast for the eyes."
Kirkus Reviews 

"Bouncy, alliterative rhyme and gorgeous illustrations..."
Children's Book Council

"The repeated use of the same alliterative phrases is marvelous, as is the rich word choice."
Charlotte Zolotow Award Committee

"An excellent nature book."
Parents' Choice 

"A visual treat to share with early childhood scientists! This book with alliteration and simple narratives will delight students whether they are emergent or confident readers." National Science Teachers Association

"This engaging introduction to patterns in nature is a visual delight."
School Library Journal

"Carefully crafted illustrations and lyrical text."
PBS Reading Rockets

"Intriguing animals introduced through lively verse..."
Washington Parent 

"Writer-illustrator Susan Stockdale uses alliteration and verbs with oomph to highlight a range of animals."
The Boston Globe

"A book seemingly tailored to Common Core curriculum lesson plans. Highly recommended."
Children's Literature

"This science concept book is appropriate for early readers not only to look at the stripes themselves but how patterns work in nature as well. Placed in their natural habitats, Stockdale has created captivating illustrations."
International Reading Association

"A fun, informative book that will grab early readers' attention even while it teaches them lessons about animals all across the globe."
Kids Books Central

stripes okapi   stripes frog   stripes american badger

 stripes florida tree snail   stripes children cats


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